Tennis is an incredible sport. Who would have thought Roger Federer would be World #1 at aged 36. Phenomenal effort for a true gentleman.  Wasn’t it fantastic to see him win the Australian Open in January 2018. A living tennis legend.

In honour of our favorite male tennis player (apart from Lleyton Hewitt, the most passionate Aussie sportsman alive!), we have encourage you to share your favorite Australian sporting moment with us in the chat box below.

And when it comes to human endeavour, who can deny that Serena Williams who has been ranked No. 1 in the word  8 times, is punching so far above her weight, she’s in a stratospheric class of her own.

She holds herself with grace and poise whilst blazing with awesome power from all over the court. She has the most incredible backhand and if you ever get the chance to see her before retiring, do so.

Now she has a little baby, those chances might be limited.